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                                                                                    01. E-course : Diploma in Integrated Development (Dip. Int.Dev.)


Edition 01: 09 December, 2009



Tekstvak:         Quarter 3.










Study points : 05 points out of 18

Minimum study time : 125 hours out of 504


The study points are awarded upon passing the consolidated exam  for  Section C : The Model.



Block 8 : Economic aspects.


                            [Study points 03 out of 18]

[Minimum study time: 85 hours out of 504]


The study points are awarded upon passing the consolidated exam  for  Section C : The Model.



Block 8 : Economic aspects.


Section 1 : Project costs.[40 hours]


01.  General introduction. (02 hours)

02. General sketch of the financial structures.(02 hours)

03. Short budget analysis. (02 hours)

04. Budget organisation. (02 hours)

05. Description of the local contributions. (02 hours)

06. Method for calculating local contributions. (02 hours)

07. Relationship between local money and formal money.(02 hours)

08. The budget (02  hours)

09. The budget in a form requested by donors/financing parties. (02 hours )

10. Annual expenses (budgets per year). (02 hours )

11. Quarterly budgets. (02 hours )

12. Excel spreadsheets for the preparation of the budget.(02 hours )

13. The sustainability of the system.(02 hours )

14. Tenders. (02 hours )

15. The bank structures with limitations imposed on the project coordinator.(02 hours )

16. Auditing structures. (02 hours)

17. Protection of donors and financing parties.(02 hours )


Section 1 report :  (06 hours) .



Section 1 : Project costs.[40 hours]


08. The budget (At least 2  hours)


Get acquainted to the 07.10 typical budget  of  an  integrated development  project.


Work section by section. Bear in mind that you are going to carry out a project like this in your area.


Do not worry about the calculations.  You will handle them in Section 7 : Apply section 7 files to your project area in Section D : The student’s project.


For each section of the budget see if you can eliminate one or more items.  Or, on the basis of the requirements of he populations, do you have to add one or more items ?. Do you feel that some items should be changed ?  Remember to take the cultural aspects common in your project area into account.


1. Opinion.


Make a short section by section  report on the variations to the various items that you think your would need to make to the typical budget to adapt it to your project area The report should be at least three pages..



01. Human resources.

02. Travel.

03. Purchase and/or hire of material, vehicles, and  office  (excluding goods and services for the individual structures planned).

04. Consumable administrative costs.

05. Financial costs, insurance, ’audit, monitoring and similar.

06. Costs specific to the various structures planned. Feel free to add others to the list and/or to remove structures not required.



 Eighth block :  Economic aspects. 

 Eighth block :  Project costs.

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"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them."

Gesell, Silvio, The Natural Economic Order, revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228.


“Poverty is created scarcity”

Wahu Kaara, point 8 of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, 58th annual NGO Conference, United Nations, New York 7th September 2005.



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